Autumn Comes in Orange and Red by Caitlyn Wilhelm

Experimentation by Caitlyn Wilhelm

Exploring my Backyard by Caitlyn Wilhelm

Leaves in Sunshine

Sunlight through the Holly

Wow. The review I wrote on Triptease (It’s a website/app that has people write reviews of places they’ve been), was picked by the editor to be featured! It’s on the front page! I… wow. I’m in shock. 

Autumn by Caitlyn Wilhelm

I’ve been experimenting with some photos. What do you guys think?

Voting for the Dream Location Contest is open! It would be a huge favor if you guys could vote for my photo!! 

I am Groot!

Hello Seattle! I am a mountaineer….

I’ve entered several of my photos in contests on viewbug, (A website that hosts photography contests) and it would be greatly appreciated if you would vote for me. I can win a variety of stuff, including a proffessional online course from New York Institute of Photography! So please check out the photos I’ve entered in contests here:


I found a caterpillar on the screen to my back deck, so I moved the little guy to a leaf and took some photos.

I went outside today and noticed the rose in the garden had bloomed! And a great tip for taking pictures of flowers with dew drops or rain drops: use a spray bottle, like I did.

Over the weekend, my family and I went on a trip to Blake Island, which is about a 45-minute boat ride from Seattle. On the boat ride there, my camera died (my camera uses AA batteries. I know… lame). I checked in my bag for spare batteries, but I had forgotten them at home! Fortunately, there was a shop on the island with a pack of 8 batteries (My camera takes 4). I went over a bridge and started hiking!


While on the hike around the island, it felt as though the path was endless. I could hear the birds and smell the sea (there was a cliff next to the path through some trees that led to the beach… but don’t go that way. It’s a long drop) I took this picture,titling it “Endless Green”


After walking for a while, I saw some flowers bathed in sunlight. A bee was pollinating on top of the flower. I grabbed my camera and took a few photographs, but this one stood out since you could see the detail and  the wings. 


After finishing the hike around the island (All of my batteries are dead. I guess the batteries were cheap for a reason), I had a theory. My batteries that I was originally using were rechargeable, what if they still held a charge? And they did! At the same time, a deer had wandered into the picnic area and was grazing on the grass.


Then, this little guy showed up! He actually was kinda cute, for a raccoon.


I got a shot with both the deer and the raccoon! They look like buddies. 


Then the raccoon looked slyly at a family eating their lunch at a nearby table. I think he was hungry for human food. 


I was walking to the beach when I noticed something hiding in the bushes… it was a baby deer! It stayed there grazing the grass, and it never noticed me. Babies are so innocent and adorable. 


Back at the picnic area, more deer showed up. A total of 4 bucks and a does (3 male and 2 female deer) were there. The one in the back sitting, I called it a unicorn, because one of the antlers was longer than the other, which looked kind of funny.

Before I left, my dad pointed out the deer sitting in front of the stump. I took a few pictures before getting one I liked. Then the batteries died. Again. I wandered around the gift shop for a bit, and outside I met a professional photographer, and we talked about the different types of photography and methods. Eventually the boat my family and I intended on returning to Seattle came, and I fell asleep on the boat ride home.