Caitlyn Wilhelm Photography

Original photographs by Caitlyn Wilhelm

“Broken heart will turn into a stronger one within hope.” ― Toba Beta

Reminds me of fierceness of nature; Nature can level cities, destroy landscapes, but it can also create beauty.

"I sit, trapped in a box. The box has no way out; no way to escape. The box is so black, so twisted in color that there is no color and everything is darkness. There is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. No one will see me; my friends will soon overlook my name, my stories, and my life will just fade away like dust in the wind. The box is the seclusion of my mind, trapping my thoughts, hopes, dreams, and fears in the box. In the box, the nightmarish reality in the deepest, darkest part of my mind come to haunt me, they come alive.

The fears from my childhood come back in a fire-like rage to engulf me. I become the way I perceive myself; a small, helpless little girl who’s weak, pathetic, and all alone. Everyone has demons. My demons are like shadows, black and two-dimensional with an uncanny echo of human-like properties, but with piercing yellow eyes. They eerily escape my soul, and slowly prowl around me, as though I’m their prey, and in a twisted sense, I am. Their crazed, pale yellow eyes stare at me, pierce my soul, every particle of my essence, they see it all.  They rip and lacerate every memory of happiness, every joyful moment in my life; from the childhood memories of innocence, to the teenage memories of young love, it’s all gone. All that’s left is the hatred, the anger, the regret, and the sadness that I had tried so hard to hide. It consumes me. The demons of the box cackle and howl with a sinister recognition; for it the laughter of my peers, as they destroy every hope, every dream, everything good and worth fighting for is utterly destroyed by their distorted black fangs and gnarled, twisted claws. Their distorted grins look intently back at me, while they laugh manically at my destroyed life. I turn away, for their stare is too menacing, too horrific to gaze upon. The demons dissolve into the nothings, and I am left to silence, and my own thoughts.

I realize, in sadness, that all my hopes, my dreams, my ideas, will never be heard. My fears and nightmares will forever haunt me in this secluded state of being and mind. I close my eyes; in hope that this all in my head, that this is just a warped nightmare of my demented state of mind. The box is my mind, trapping in my true self from the rest of the world. It’s an endless battle between fear and strength, love and hatred, sadness and happiness.”

I wrote that a while ago… What do you guys think?

Snow Pictures!!!

Raindrops on silk…

A calm, tranquil creek in the fall… reminds me of home.
Funny thing is… this is in my backyard.

The leaves, falling so gracefully, often makes me realize the simplicity and calmness of life.

Vintage Christmas…

Hey guys! I now have a website on Triptease, where I’m going to be sharing all my adventures when I travel. Don’t worry, I’ll still be here and post photos and whatnot. I’ll use Trpitease for those those who want to know the adventurous aspect of my trips. 

Sunsets… the end of a day. But where things end, new things begin.
(I took this photo with my cell phone, so sorry for the not so good quality)

Sorry for lack of stuff… I was going through some emotional stuff, but I’m past that… more importantly, I’m back!

Sometimes it takes focusing on the little things in life to get the big picture. 

Fall, one of my favorite seasons. The vibrant blend of the leaves’ colors takes my breath away. 

The rain may be cold and wet, but it adds a new insight to beauty.